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by Valerie Decrepito

based from Wolfkid’s The Snow White Complex

(Poem named by my dear Aruhi <3)

This is how he lived—

losing himself in the fantasy

of rose-red lips

and ebony tresses—

I was now his living one—

A (pitch black) soul in the

Pretense of innocence.

Here she is.

He had written—

I was his perfect one,

The beautiful Lolita,

Daddy’s little girl,

Perfect and pristine—

Skin as white as snow

And hair as black

As the raven that picked out

His eyes, giving him the

Inability to see

That I was never what

he had envisioned me to be.

I was the tainted apple

The sorry one in the lot

Rotten to the core

Just like a little slut

Fooled him with my smile

He was down on his knees.

Bambi eyes and pouty mouth

Were all it fucking took

To have his head down south.

But that—

That wasn’t enough.

I was all sorts of crazy

Wanting to be his queen

Pushed him to terrifying heights

Until pushed me to the sea.

What in the world was I thinking?

I could never be for him

He could never be for me.

But the gods must have lost it

Indeed, a Queen I turned out to be

A mad joke on our version of reality

He was a mere commoner,

A pawn in this game,

Discarded any time the king wishes

Else he’d be put to shame.

The tears I bleed every night

Were actually jewels in disguise

Those tiny precious rocks

I own because of my tough luck—

I would gladly give them all up

Just to get all of him,

My diamond in the rough—

Unpolished and lacking,

Imperfect, his exterior may be

But perfect on his own—

With a heart of pure gold,

And will as hard as stone—

I, the Wicked Queen, decree

He sits beside my throne.

This is his story,

this is how he lived with me.

I was his Lolita, the Belle to his Beast

I was Rosaline, so pretty but not so chaste

I was the wicked one of them all

The bad apple he picked in his haste.

I was all of those but I didn’t care—

He had me for just me—

That’ll drive haters to despair,

Make them all question

Why is the world not so fair?

They had their time

And now we had ours

“Drop on all fours” you say,

“Let’s make love this hour.”

And I say yes—because

Whatever Daddy wants

Daddy always gets.

Kitty-cat with six lives left,

Really must have lost her pretty head

It’s only five in the afternoon

Too early to be cavorting in bed

But the hazel-eyed lover

Had begged to differ, saying

“Nothing’s ever too early,

Nothing’s ever too late

I’ve jousted long enough,

It’s  about time to seal my fate.”

The fight within us isn’t over

But the fire will always remain,

Locked up in his tight embrace,

I laid my head down,

Saying my tender words to him,

So sweet and so true,


“Twiddle me tender, Color me blue.


There is no drug sweeter than this—


My beautiful hazel-eyed lover,


There is no drug—absolutely no drug—


Sweeter than you.”



Idea was proposed to me by my dear, Aruhi aka GD’s secret girlfriend XD and I liked it…so here goes…


All the nasty things I would do to you

By Valerie Decrepito

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Place your body

On the bed

With your arms


And your legs

Spread for my

Eyes to caress.

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Trail my fingers

On the sheen

Of sweat and

Ram them in

You like a

Cautious threat

All the nasty things

I would do to you


Dirty little kinks

Inside your Head

As I blow wonders

Onto your nest

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Fold your legs

Against your chest

And worship

All of you

Until you’re spent.

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Whisper sultry words

Into your ears

As I kiss

Away your

Greatest fears.

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Taste the rosiness

That is your skin

And milk your

Entire being with

White-hot sin.

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Have you

Clutch my head

Onto your breast,

And have me

Fondle you

Until you’re

An utter mess.

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Yank the straps

Of your onyx dress

Push your body

Against the desk

And have you

Bend over

As my special guest.

All the nasty things

I would do to you

Knead the area

Between your legs,

Flick the

Sensitive nub

Until you beg,

Prove to you that

I’m your best.

All these nasty things

I would do to you

Kneel before you

and grip your hips

Make you scream

With my skillful lips

Make you tingle

With fingers so deft

La petite mort

To you, I bring

A little death.



By Valerie Joy Decrepito
Based on Wolfkid’s Coffin in Asianfanfics

A vision,

That was what she was—

A lifeless beauty

Perfectly preserved

In the unbreakable glass-box.

Skin so fair, so pale in contrast

To the onyx tresses that

Rippled like waterfall down her back—

There was no woman

More beautiful than her.

He was quite sure of that.

In the entire world,

No woman can ever

Possess that delicate

Cupid’s bow of her

Red lips—

Those red lips he thought

Had spoken to him

In his dreamless nocturnes.

He fell in so deep—

Caught with wanting to

Touch the untouchable

Even as she sleeps.


There was no stopping him—

A lover of the Arts he is,

Painting every nook,

And every crevice of that crystal cage

With five-pointed stars

Inked by the blood

Of a tainted snow-white.

He waited—




And there it was.





The shadow of

The voracious

Vampire Queen

Brought to life.

She was maleficent,

Magnificent as the

Jet black crown on

The top of her head

As she bore her eyes

Down at the hands

Of the very man

who resurrected her.

He breathed raggedly,

The sanguine fluid

In his veins

Pumping loudly as

Her sinuous figure

Slinked its way

towards him.

It was quick—

Her deep violets

Were his last memories

As he closed his eyes

When her teeth and fangs

Tore into his flesh

And sucked the life out of him.

Beauty and Power

Restored and Repossessed

The Vampire Queen

Trailed a finger

Across her pretty head.

“Mirror, mirror

On the wall

Why do I have

To kill them all?”

She sang crazily—

The cacophony of

Her hungry lackeys’

Shrieks and howls


All throughout,

Until they all became silent—

For a new but unwelcome

Voice joined them—

A soft cry of a living heart

From the drained body

Of her feast tonight.


He stubbornly refused to leave her—

The ethereal vision inside

His gran’s glass-box.


What a fool,

She chided,

But a Vampire Queen

Needed her Underworld King

More than anything else.

Her fangs bared,

She bit onto her honeyed pulse

And a sudden rush of silver

Came rushing down her hands

Until it came pouring

Down his throat—



It was only a matter of time now

And there it was.


A burning thirst

Had him screaming

Wide awake,

Its shrill noise

Scaring the crows

That have waited for them

Upon the window-sill.

His back arched

And his body slumped,

Repeated the process a

Few more times

Until he remembered

To open his eyes.

A vision—

‘Tis what he saw.

The fairest of them all—

With the heart so impure

It could rival the dark night.

She’s the fairest of them all—

His own personal snow-white.

“Hungry, are we,

Your Highness?”

He hears her say.

A feral smirk appears

As he nodded his assent

At the seductive Queen—

Offering him the column

Of her neck for his

Much needed feeding.

Armageddon, the New World Order,

As all her lackeys will say

“Why wait to feed on others tomorrow,

When he can feed on his Queen today?”


by Valerie Joy Decrepito


Why they call this

The city of Angels

I would never understand

Except for the nights

It held me close to this

Button of rationality

Through caresses and kisses

That brought me to my feet.

You were that cherubim—

Dancing with the flames

And capturing me, that fallen angel

Out of Poverty. But I didn’t see it

Up until that day you ruined me.

It went straight to my head,

And into my weak lungs—

Funny how I refuse

To acknowledge the fact

That it hadn’t gone there,

Not at all,

But at fragile piece in between

I treasured to keep safe.

You were the illusory dream

Someone like me never

Would’ve met had you

Not caught me in that white scarf

That led us to all this.

Our entangled limbs

And crashed lips

At war every night—I have

Never imagined someone being

So close like that to me before.

With someone like me

Tilting at windmills

And walking on eggshells

Every time I pass by through these

Massive halls of emptiness—

Someone like you

Showed up filling every crevice

And every nook, raising vodka

Glasses as a tribute to each of my

Fears only you could heal.

You weren’t lying when you said

I was going wake up one day

Stripped bare as the day

My Ma gave me my first kiss.

You weren’t lying when you said

I was going to be painfully crushed

Each night you hold me like that

In your arms—in that blanket

Of Security

I have come to depend on.

You made a joke out of me

And here I am

Letting you laugh

If it makes you that happy.

Even if it destroys me.

You win and I lose

In this game you forced me to play.

I never once admitted this

But for you, I will.

Now and forever.

You win.

You ruined me, you fool.

You completely and utterly ruined me

And yet…

For days and weeks and months

I have come to love you.


Because today is a sad day.

On Losing

by Valerie Joy Decrepito


We lose ourselves

In the abyss

Of impossible dreams and certain traumas.

Traumas that haunt

And scour the depths

That one would never

Want to delve into.


We lose precious time

Keeping up with

Things that are moving too fast

For any of our liking.

Such a shame, really.

To be putting all our minutes

To things we think



Well, tell you what.

“They actually don’t.”


We lose track

Of urgent needs that have to be fulfilled

And concentrate

In that one single entity

That doesn’t even know we exist.


It’s so sad, really.


The anxiety kills us,

Making it unbearably painful—

To see the world as it is.


Its beauty…


Forgotten in our minds

When we choose to lose

Every single thing

That isn’t worth losing.


And of course,

It doesn’t end here.


We lose focus,

Getting distracted by the




Of talking.

Of yelling.

Of crying.


We lose focus—

Getting distracted by

Businesses that are not even ours.


And when we lose focus,

We lose our muse—

The very reason

Why we keep on living…

The very reason

We keep writing

These lives

That we want intertwined with others.


Oh, how painful it is

To lose The Muse.


A pain as painful

As seeing a baby not being born

Is the most appropriate way

To describe the pain

Of losing the muse—

The inspiration.


The motivation to keep holding on

To whatever it is one wants to believe in.


Oh, how unfortunate it is

When we lose this muse…


We lose our minds

Which kept us sane and intact

When this tiny beating vessel inside our chest

Threatened to make us feel otherwise.


There is nothing more pitiful than this.


For when we lose our minds,

Our hearts become vulnerable

That we lose everything—

Like a wee tile of domino

Knocking down all the other ones.



Because one little move

Could potentially

Ruin all the other ones…


We lose everything in the process.


It is sad.




For when we lose everything….

We are left without any reason to hold on…

We are not left with anything to do…

Except for one.


When we lose


Our time

Our focus

Our mind

Our muse

Our everything,


There is nothing left to do…


But just lose.


Sirens sing for the beauty you have–your

Astonishing presence so bright it could rival the sun.

 Nary could a man deny the perfection you hold—the

Dulcet tones of your humble voice soothe the

Aching hearts that crave for that serene smile only you can give.

Rain—I wish that strong outpour of blessings for you—

(Another year of the abundance of love and all that is happy,

 Places to see and places to revisit as you greet this year

 And that one single man who could offer you the world.)

Russet hues that tint your cheeks as you laugh and

Kismet are the simplest things but I wish them for you as well.



Was the only way you wanted it—

Not caring what I may think.


You should have, though.

Should’ve listened…
When I told you to put your phone down

And rest your head in between

These two limbs

Spread out like wings in front of you.
Should’ve listened…
When I told you about that

Labyrinth-a secret place where lovers visit-

To do our trite ‘business’

Like no one was watching.
Should’ve listened…
When I sang to you

About sangria mornings

And tequila sunrises–

But you let my throat go dry…

As you cleared yours and

Told me to not make any noise

And just ride.
Should’ve listened…
When I told you it was just hormones

That pins me down

The wrong side of our bed…

When the red tide comes and

I could only flee downtown.
Should’ve listened…
When they said swapping spit

Was to make hearts flutter–

Besides making bosoms prouder

And pushing imaginary buttons.
Should’ve listened….
When I told you

Digits are to be dialled

And not be used for just plucking

This rose bud so femme

‘Til it cries for release.
Should’ve listened….
When I refused,

That time you offered me this

Vial to cure my memories-

They were such a danger to me, you see.
And you should’ve listened…
When I firmly said no.
But you remained combative–

Ripping off this little organ

In between my chest

And threw it to the hungry, pathetic dogs

With chiseled jaws

That remind me of you.
Should’ve listened to all those…
‘Because I am worth more 

Than what you want to see.

Such a big pan full of bull shit,

You little lily-livered boy,

Your mouth, 

That is.’


And so, this is why

We cannot be together now.
Because all I ever wanted you to do

(Even just once)
Was to just listen…





But you never did.