Ode to Grimhilde

Posted on: July 21, 2016


by Valerie Decrepito

based from Wolfkid’s The Snow White Complex

(Poem named by my dear Aruhi <3)

This is how he lived—

losing himself in the fantasy

of rose-red lips

and ebony tresses—

I was now his living one—

A (pitch black) soul in the

Pretense of innocence.

Here she is.

He had written—

I was his perfect one,

The beautiful Lolita,

Daddy’s little girl,

Perfect and pristine—

Skin as white as snow

And hair as black

As the raven that picked out

His eyes, giving him the

Inability to see

That I was never what

he had envisioned me to be.

I was the tainted apple

The sorry one in the lot

Rotten to the core

Just like a little slut

Fooled him with my smile

He was down on his knees.

Bambi eyes and pouty mouth

Were all it fucking took

To have his head down south.

But that—

That wasn’t enough.

I was all sorts of crazy

Wanting to be his queen

Pushed him to terrifying heights

Until pushed me to the sea.

What in the world was I thinking?

I could never be for him

He could never be for me.

But the gods must have lost it

Indeed, a Queen I turned out to be

A mad joke on our version of reality

He was a mere commoner,

A pawn in this game,

Discarded any time the king wishes

Else he’d be put to shame.

The tears I bleed every night

Were actually jewels in disguise

Those tiny precious rocks

I own because of my tough luck—

I would gladly give them all up

Just to get all of him,

My diamond in the rough—

Unpolished and lacking,

Imperfect, his exterior may be

But perfect on his own—

With a heart of pure gold,

And will as hard as stone—

I, the Wicked Queen, decree

He sits beside my throne.

This is his story,

this is how he lived with me.

I was his Lolita, the Belle to his Beast

I was Rosaline, so pretty but not so chaste

I was the wicked one of them all

The bad apple he picked in his haste.

I was all of those but I didn’t care—

He had me for just me—

That’ll drive haters to despair,

Make them all question

Why is the world not so fair?

They had their time

And now we had ours

“Drop on all fours” you say,

“Let’s make love this hour.”

And I say yes—because

Whatever Daddy wants

Daddy always gets.

Kitty-cat with six lives left,

Really must have lost her pretty head

It’s only five in the afternoon

Too early to be cavorting in bed

But the hazel-eyed lover

Had begged to differ, saying

“Nothing’s ever too early,

Nothing’s ever too late

I’ve jousted long enough,

It’s  about time to seal my fate.”

The fight within us isn’t over

But the fire will always remain,

Locked up in his tight embrace,

I laid my head down,

Saying my tender words to him,

So sweet and so true,


“Twiddle me tender, Color me blue.


There is no drug sweeter than this—


My beautiful hazel-eyed lover,


There is no drug—absolutely no drug—


Sweeter than you.”



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