Posted on: May 19, 2016


By Valerie Joy Decrepito
Based on Wolfkid’s Coffin in Asianfanfics

A vision,

That was what she was—

A lifeless beauty

Perfectly preserved

In the unbreakable glass-box.

Skin so fair, so pale in contrast

To the onyx tresses that

Rippled like waterfall down her back—

There was no woman

More beautiful than her.

He was quite sure of that.

In the entire world,

No woman can ever

Possess that delicate

Cupid’s bow of her

Red lips—

Those red lips he thought

Had spoken to him

In his dreamless nocturnes.

He fell in so deep—

Caught with wanting to

Touch the untouchable

Even as she sleeps.


There was no stopping him—

A lover of the Arts he is,

Painting every nook,

And every crevice of that crystal cage

With five-pointed stars

Inked by the blood

Of a tainted snow-white.

He waited—




And there it was.





The shadow of

The voracious

Vampire Queen

Brought to life.

She was maleficent,

Magnificent as the

Jet black crown on

The top of her head

As she bore her eyes

Down at the hands

Of the very man

who resurrected her.

He breathed raggedly,

The sanguine fluid

In his veins

Pumping loudly as

Her sinuous figure

Slinked its way

towards him.

It was quick—

Her deep violets

Were his last memories

As he closed his eyes

When her teeth and fangs

Tore into his flesh

And sucked the life out of him.

Beauty and Power

Restored and Repossessed

The Vampire Queen

Trailed a finger

Across her pretty head.

“Mirror, mirror

On the wall

Why do I have

To kill them all?”

She sang crazily—

The cacophony of

Her hungry lackeys’

Shrieks and howls


All throughout,

Until they all became silent—

For a new but unwelcome

Voice joined them—

A soft cry of a living heart

From the drained body

Of her feast tonight.


He stubbornly refused to leave her—

The ethereal vision inside

His gran’s glass-box.


What a fool,

She chided,

But a Vampire Queen

Needed her Underworld King

More than anything else.

Her fangs bared,

She bit onto her honeyed pulse

And a sudden rush of silver

Came rushing down her hands

Until it came pouring

Down his throat—



It was only a matter of time now

And there it was.


A burning thirst

Had him screaming

Wide awake,

Its shrill noise

Scaring the crows

That have waited for them

Upon the window-sill.

His back arched

And his body slumped,

Repeated the process a

Few more times

Until he remembered

To open his eyes.

A vision—

‘Tis what he saw.

The fairest of them all—

With the heart so impure

It could rival the dark night.

She’s the fairest of them all—

His own personal snow-white.

“Hungry, are we,

Your Highness?”

He hears her say.

A feral smirk appears

As he nodded his assent

At the seductive Queen—

Offering him the column

Of her neck for his

Much needed feeding.

Armageddon, the New World Order,

As all her lackeys will say

“Why wait to feed on others tomorrow,

When he can feed on his Queen today?”


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