On Losing.

Posted on: February 18, 2016

Because today is a sad day.

On Losing

by Valerie Joy Decrepito


We lose ourselves

In the abyss

Of impossible dreams and certain traumas.

Traumas that haunt

And scour the depths

That one would never

Want to delve into.


We lose precious time

Keeping up with

Things that are moving too fast

For any of our liking.

Such a shame, really.

To be putting all our minutes

To things we think



Well, tell you what.

“They actually don’t.”


We lose track

Of urgent needs that have to be fulfilled

And concentrate

In that one single entity

That doesn’t even know we exist.


It’s so sad, really.


The anxiety kills us,

Making it unbearably painful—

To see the world as it is.


Its beauty…


Forgotten in our minds

When we choose to lose

Every single thing

That isn’t worth losing.


And of course,

It doesn’t end here.


We lose focus,

Getting distracted by the




Of talking.

Of yelling.

Of crying.


We lose focus—

Getting distracted by

Businesses that are not even ours.


And when we lose focus,

We lose our muse—

The very reason

Why we keep on living…

The very reason

We keep writing

These lives

That we want intertwined with others.


Oh, how painful it is

To lose The Muse.


A pain as painful

As seeing a baby not being born

Is the most appropriate way

To describe the pain

Of losing the muse—

The inspiration.


The motivation to keep holding on

To whatever it is one wants to believe in.


Oh, how unfortunate it is

When we lose this muse…


We lose our minds

Which kept us sane and intact

When this tiny beating vessel inside our chest

Threatened to make us feel otherwise.


There is nothing more pitiful than this.


For when we lose our minds,

Our hearts become vulnerable

That we lose everything—

Like a wee tile of domino

Knocking down all the other ones.



Because one little move

Could potentially

Ruin all the other ones…


We lose everything in the process.


It is sad.




For when we lose everything….

We are left without any reason to hold on…

We are not left with anything to do…

Except for one.


When we lose


Our time

Our focus

Our mind

Our muse

Our everything,


There is nothing left to do…


But just lose.


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