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By valdec_ at 2:37am

Of November 24, 2015

Let me tell you about the chills

Your lips brought me

Under the strobe lights.

It felt like electric dreams

So wet it would shake

Even the whole of you.



On the dance floor

You made love with nothing

but your mouth– and your tongue

Tangled with mine as

We tasted each other

That September night

Right on that same Saturday

I got dumped by this other lad

I fancied myself in love with.


It felt like soaring,

These hips attached to yours

As if they are one

Made me feel as though I was Eve–

That Eve before she took a bite

From that forbidden fruit

That fell from the heavens

And rolled on the ground.



Was a foreign thing–

Your gentle fingers

Wound themselves

through my silken hair

And travelled through my back,

Now arching as you peppered

My skin with soft puckered lips.


I traced your face with my hands

Wondering where I happened

To find you in the middle

Of all the ruckus–bodies pumping

With adrenaline and music

Loud enough to blast

Through soundproof walls.


It was of sheer fate,

To have you bump shoulders

And lips (and probably a lot more)

With me that night–


Was out of pure loneliness

To have myself grab the lapels

Of your musk-scented shirt

As I drank the essence of you

In that one hell of a kiss

No stranger can ever give a woman.



Or perhaps it was because of alcohol.

That snarky little bitch

Which makes for the life of the party.

That night…it was exactly that.

You were my party and I was your life.


Oh how we enjoyed ourselves that night.


And even now, months later

I still think of you… wishing

That maybe I will run into you

Randomly, along the streets of suits and ties

Where you’d ask for my digits.

Properly, this time.


I still think of you sometimes.


Your mouth. Your tongue.

Your hands.



And the way your fingers

Interlaced with mine

As the clock chimed its farewell



Leaving the thought of You and I

On the dance floor

Under all the strobe lights



In the place only I know where to find…
In here…in my mind…



In memory.


Mad Love by Valerie Joy Decrepito

Do you remember that time?
We met at a corner

And there you told me
Come with me for a ride.
And I did~

Down to the end of the street

Where you took advantage of me
And somehow,

I liked it.
Those feathery kisses that whisper

The promises

You never regretted to break.
But it was okay because

I fancied myself in love

With all of you.
With those bloodshot eyes

And jagged smile

With your closed ears

And threatening lies.
With everything

You have to give.
Your psychotic, sickening love

Drove me to madness.
But that Love, too,

Was alright.
(If that was all it took to be with you

In every single way.)
Your smudged black circles

That covered your eyes

So pure

I could see galaxies.
They never can see what truly is inside you.
But I can and I do.

Because I know you well enough

To thank you

For every painful joy

You have given me.
Perhaps they are all right

When they say
“You and I-

The worst

But the best


Will never have a good afterlife.”

They are right when they say

Going down under

Was the path meant for us
But those didn’t matter.
If I was to sit on the throne

Down under

Where you are the king.
Do you even remember our last time?
When you sent me

that tall flower in a vase

And told me to get well.
I just knew right then and there

You will return to me

In due time

And continue this

Sweet, mad, passionate love–
Because I am the only

Partner in crime

Who will unceasingly

Enjoy your low tides and high rides.


Sirens sing for the beauty you have–your

Astonishing presence so bright it could rival the sun.

 Nary could a man deny the perfection you hold—the

Dulcet tones of your humble voice soothe the

Aching hearts that crave for that serene smile only you can give.

Rain—I wish that strong outpour of blessings for you—

(Another year of the abundance of love and all that is happy,

 Places to see and places to revisit as you greet this year

 And that one single man who could offer you the world.)

Russet hues that tint your cheeks as you laugh and

Kismet are the simplest things but I wish them for you as well.