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Was the only way you wanted it—

Not caring what I may think.


You should have, though.

Should’ve listened…
When I told you to put your phone down

And rest your head in between

These two limbs

Spread out like wings in front of you.
Should’ve listened…
When I told you about that

Labyrinth-a secret place where lovers visit-

To do our trite ‘business’

Like no one was watching.
Should’ve listened…
When I sang to you

About sangria mornings

And tequila sunrises–

But you let my throat go dry…

As you cleared yours and

Told me to not make any noise

And just ride.
Should’ve listened…
When I told you it was just hormones

That pins me down

The wrong side of our bed…

When the red tide comes and

I could only flee downtown.
Should’ve listened…
When they said swapping spit

Was to make hearts flutter–

Besides making bosoms prouder

And pushing imaginary buttons.
Should’ve listened….
When I told you

Digits are to be dialled

And not be used for just plucking

This rose bud so femme

‘Til it cries for release.
Should’ve listened….
When I refused,

That time you offered me this

Vial to cure my memories-

They were such a danger to me, you see.
And you should’ve listened…
When I firmly said no.
But you remained combative–

Ripping off this little organ

In between my chest

And threw it to the hungry, pathetic dogs

With chiseled jaws

That remind me of you.
Should’ve listened to all those…
‘Because I am worth more 

Than what you want to see.

Such a big pan full of bull shit,

You little lily-livered boy,

Your mouth, 

That is.’


And so, this is why

We cannot be together now.
Because all I ever wanted you to do

(Even just once)
Was to just listen…





But you never did.





I fell–

Into Wonderland.
Down into the rabbit hole

Where impossible

Became its opposite.
I met you–

You in your garish clothes

That speak of trouble.
It was blinding.

Yes, it was blinding

Like a kaleidoscope–

Crystalline and complex

Like your heart made of stone.
I was drawn to it

Like a magnet–where ‘polars’


Maybe I was stupid. 
Indeed I was

To have let you in just like that.
The clock was ticking

And you chased me like that hare

Running out of time,

Giving me that cheshire smile
That made me fall–

Hook, line, and sinker.
The way your lips held mine

As I struggled to breathe

While we bicker.
Bicker our way into each other’s minds

Into each other’s mouths,

Into each other’s clothes.
Drink me, you said.

And I did.

Oh how I’ve regretted it. 


You make me feel like the

Red Queen

Asking for that innocent swine to fly,

Being catered to whim by whim

Until I realize all

Who I held dear

Have their heads served for me in a platter.
It was horrid,

like my pedantic eagerness
But I cannot be saved anymore.
I was at the heart

Of Wonderland…

Wondering if I am already mad…
And sometimes, wishing

To still be that little girl in blue

Daydreaming only about

Life outside the box.
And not actually be out of it.