The Art of Seduction

Posted on: May 26, 2013

Yesterday, I found these three poems I wrote two years back. I think I based these poems from a book entitled “The Art of Seduction” which was left by its owner in the condo I was living in while I was studying in UP Diliman.

It’s actually nice to know that I’ve always liked writing poems.

One. The Unrequited

By the iced river ’til it begins to thaw

That nymph most damned saw you,

Staring at a Parian marble statue.

One thinks you do not know

Your own self’s seen in the melted snow.

How often purse your lips as you kissed the nonexistent?

How often plunge your arms as you clasped naught?

Such coquetry beckoned you to close your eyes,

Making that nymph most damned mourn

As the pendulum swings,

Leaving you unborn.

Two. The Siren

Perhaps as the fisherman’s ship goes by

You’ll look back, lured by my voice

Of honeyed silver, of ochred gold from which

The pirate’s treasure now lay below sea-sand.

You and I, we lie in unsure heavens–

Our longing, drifting like anchorless vessels

Lost on straight courses—waves and strings

Crush lodestones, pitching us to and fro

As cannons fired salutes to the rosy clouds in the sky.

And perhaps, yes, perhaps,

The rays of my lord, the Sun,

Would turn us both into foam upon the water.

Three. The Rake

I mark my spot in this padded cell

In case you decide to go back and fix me.

I wait at one side of the world, the

Sanctuary of my saccharine hopes… I dance

For the memory of lips and hands,

Gab and calm, wampum and edam.

I let you whisper of sunset and tomorrow.

These dreams so lucid,

They hightail to one of the hearts you stir.

Oh love, my love,

I ask,

Do you even remember?”


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