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Yesterday, I found these three poems I wrote two years back. I think I based these poems from a book entitled “The Art of Seduction” which was left by its owner in the condo I was living in while I was studying in UP Diliman.

It’s actually nice to know that I’ve always liked writing poems.

One. The Unrequited

By the iced river ’til it begins to thaw

That nymph most damned saw you,

Staring at a Parian marble statue.

One thinks you do not know

Your own self’s seen in the melted snow.

How often purse your lips as you kissed the nonexistent?

How often plunge your arms as you clasped naught?

Such coquetry beckoned you to close your eyes,

Making that nymph most damned mourn

As the pendulum swings,

Leaving you unborn.

Two. The Siren

Perhaps as the fisherman’s ship goes by

You’ll look back, lured by my voice

Of honeyed silver, of ochred gold from which

The pirate’s treasure now lay below sea-sand.

You and I, we lie in unsure heavens–

Our longing, drifting like anchorless vessels

Lost on straight courses—waves and strings

Crush lodestones, pitching us to and fro

As cannons fired salutes to the rosy clouds in the sky.

And perhaps, yes, perhaps,

The rays of my lord, the Sun,

Would turn us both into foam upon the water.

Three. The Rake

I mark my spot in this padded cell

In case you decide to go back and fix me.

I wait at one side of the world, the

Sanctuary of my saccharine hopes… I dance

For the memory of lips and hands,

Gab and calm, wampum and edam.

I let you whisper of sunset and tomorrow.

These dreams so lucid,

They hightail to one of the hearts you stir.

Oh love, my love,

I ask,

Do you even remember?”


It has been more than half of a month since I last posted in this blog. I haven’t had any interest in writing these days. I have been literally running at work. It has been a whirlwind for me. I don’t know if I like the small change in the store and the big change in the management. But I know I just have to work around it. There is no use moping around because of change.

On a side note…Tonight I write because I am sick. Tonight I write because I have watched almost half of the first season of Raising Hope. Tonight I write because I feel like I haven’t really made the most out of this long weekend. Tonight I write just because I am bored. (And YES, the last reason is the real reason. LOL)

Just a few minutes ago I asked my friends Pam and Maria to give me random words and these are what they gave me: Love, Meat, Fireworks, Brown, Bag, Towel. (I figured I could incorporate these words in my next 5-minute poem.)

For awhile I thought

it was Love.

The kind where you

see Fireworks,

the kind where

Warm Brown eyes

could see right through

your paper-thin soul.

For awhile I had thought

Meat was murder.

Little did I know

that there is a killer

Inside us.

We are brainless


That feed on our

Decapitated, selfish selves.

For awhile I was thinking,

“What if?”

What if  turned out to be

 a Bag full of


So endless, I could

get everything,

All the things I need and want

like a Towel and a kiss.

What if dreams are reality,

And this so-called reality

Is just a dream?

Would have I even lived?

April 2013 poem

It’s not as good as I wanted it to be. In fact, it’s far from good. But this is all I could come up with.

Seven Deadly Sins

by Valerie Joy Decrepito

And I hear you whisper

“How intrepid this life is”

It’s almost as if you’re

Convincing yourself,

Willing yourself to believe

In all the lies

The gods less fair fed you.

And I saw you look back,

And turn to a disfigured pillar.

With rain pelting outside

It’s no wonder how the earth

Tastes this salty.

The musky aroma of the ground

Will serve as a memory

Of your drunken stupor

under the limelight.

And I ate my own words

When I defended your honor

And tell them all

“You have nothing.”

When you have all the things

That the finest gold piece can buy

And those that it couldn’t.

One grain could feed many

And all they needed was a flask

Was it really too much to ask?

And I thought I touched you,

In ways no physical contact could

But I was just naïve,

I did not even think

Of your natural demands.

I have long forgotten about

Your penchant for self-gratification,

In this war of the flesh

I will never be the champion.

And I smell fire

Coming from the dragon’s lair.

You told me you’d killed it, blue-eyed boy.

But have you, really?

The beast flew out, spiraling around me.

Taking revenge, it lashes its tail at me

Then I saw only black,

It could not stop me now.

Not even if it has the same cerulean eyes

As the boy I had once loved.

And I tell you watch out

For the wolf that may attack our sheep

But you never listened.

Wasted the day away,

Doing naught what I have told you.

You finally got up though

But there was all crimson.

It’s way too late now,

All I could see was

This wolf wearing a sheep’s grin.

And I hear you whisper

“How unfair this life is.”

It’s almost as if the gods

Haven’t given what befits you.

It’s almost as if the gods

Had not made all your petty lies true.