What once was big will be no more.

Posted on: April 19, 2013

I have lost about 30 to 40 pounds since last spring. I have stopped eating McDonald’s since December 2013. I have given up beef since January 2013. I have lessened my alcohol intake for the past two months. I haven’t had rice for almost two weeks now.  I have recently began clean eating. I have been on my Zumba hype for a month now. I have been exercising and running on my free time.

I just wish I could continue doing so.


1st- was supposed to be a tuna burger on leaf lettuce but we ran out of it already so I improvised.

2nd- almond milk, grilled chicken wrap and spring greens salad  by moi.

3rd- the before picture was horrible. 😦 the after picture looks fine. I already lost another 5 pounds since I took that picture. 😀

4th- almond milk, chicken bacon, scrambled eggs and a slice of bread. courtesy of my brother.



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