Raptors vs Knicks

Posted on: March 29, 2013

I haven’t been posting lately. 😦

But yes, I watched my second legit NBA game (Raptors vs Knicks) with my two good friends, Renee and Angie last March 22, 2013. Yay!

We didn’t get the nicest seats in the house, in fact, we had bad seats since it’s too far from the court and too high up but the game made up for what was lacking.

Of course, Knicks is the better team with Carmelo Anthony shooting 37 points for them but I was hoping the Raptors would win since they defeated the Knicks in the last two games they played. Rudy Gay had to stay in the bench for the second half because of his aching back (I was really sad because I really want to see him play! He’s my fave.)

But I was still counting on the others to play exceptionally well that night. Valanciunas, Johnson, Lowry, Fields (who I also have a crush on), Lucas, DeRozan, Ross, and Anderson (who scored 35 points and made so many 3-pointers) did not disappoint.

Everyone was rooting for the Raptors but in the end the Knicks won 99-94.

I must admit I enjoyed this game more because it was more interesting than the last one (Raptors vs Pacers.)

BTW, the game started at 7 and we were still eating our hearts out at Jack Astor’s at that time. We arrived during the second quarter of the game but I must say missing the first quarter was all worth it.


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