Are you okay?

Posted on: March 20, 2013

Dear rude customer,

Yes, it is right for you to tell us that we didn’t understand what you

were saying. We may have heard something else.

But please understand that the person who is serving you might be new at his/her job. If another cashier goes forward and asks you how you take your drink, don’t be smart with him/her and say that you already said it to the other one. That other cashier who just went all his/her way to help you is basically just doing you a favor. He/she just wants to make your life and the new crew’s shift easier. You do not tell them that they do not know how to do their job. They work there, not you. You have no right to call a person (especially the one who is helping you) a dumbass because you’re just making yourself look like one.  To get respect from others, you need to have respect for others.

And next time, please make sure that before you create such a fit, you have enough money to pay for what you have ordered.

Thank you.


I was in such a bad mood my whole shift at work. I felt so bad for the new crew who served the lady.

My mind was a disoriented mess and I was in a rush to finish all the things I have to do at work. Banging tills seemed to be the perfect way to release my anger. LOL 

But when I took your order, you (who I just know by face) asked me very sincerely if I was okay. I felt then and there that some people actually care. 



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