Posted on: March 15, 2013

Be that as it may, I promise to be able to write at least one poem per month starting the month after this month.

  • I just recently started writing a short-story-turned-novel. But gah, I don’t really know how to express all my (brilliant, yes, brilliant) ideas into words. :(( I’d probably just keep this project private for now.
  • ANDDDDD, I currently finished reading Warm Bodies. (I LOVED IT MORE THAN THE MOVIE!!) It inspired me to write in a man’s POV. But I have been pulling my hair out night after night. I always end up really sad though. 😦 It’s exhausting to think of the perfect words to say when you know that the perfect words aren’t even the right ones. I always end up backspace-ing the paragraphs I try to write every night.
  • I’m reading The Fault In Our Stars now. I am sure it’ll be a very good read. I’m hoping it’ll motivate me to write.

I just hope I could still do what I do best though. Writing things from the heart. 

It’ll be enough. For now.


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