Posted on: February 21, 2013

Just tired.

Maybe because life is just one big routine. Wake up. Exercise a little. Leave for work. Work. Leave work. Come home. Sleep.

Maybe because every single day is just one set of scripted “may I help yous” to those people who don’t (most of the time) even appreciate your kindness.

Maybe because finishing something may mean bouts of withdrawal which could lead to moments of despair.

Maybe because seeing familiar faces hinder you from meeting new people who might, most likely, change your life.

Maybe because smiling isn’t what it is all about anymore. Could you imagine being paid to just smile and act pretty in front of customers who look at you as if you are beneath them when you don’t hear any word they said because they were whispering their orders to the empty air? Smiling, definitely, has just lost its purpose to make people feel good about themselves.

Or maybe… just because.

_ _ _


Someone stabbed somebody at Dundas West Station yesterday. I didn’t even know there were lots of police officers (and the media) just outside my workplace until customers asked me about what had happened. I didn’t know anything until my managers informed us.

Will it all boil down to this? 

There lies a person, bleeding from multiple stabs, just two flights of stairs away. The man was taken to the hospital. The police came to investigate. The media came to cover the incident.

Everything lasted while we were taking customers orders, putting on fake smiles, and bidding them goodbye. And still, no one (from work) knew until other people started asking.

Are we really that caught up in that little world we put ourselves into? Maybe. Maybe not. 


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