If I was Her and Him

Posted on: February 18, 2013

If I was Her and Him

-Valerie Joy Decrepito

Before, I wanted to be everyone I read about:

Persephone, wandering away from her saccharine-sounding companions,

Aurora, waking up because of a lover’s kiss,

Belle, taming the Beast,

Cinderella, going to the ball,

Ariel, losing her voice so fair,

Athena, sprouting from Zeus.

I wanted to be beautiful, like the air,

Like Rhiannon, who rode like the wind

And enchanted a king.

And now, I realized that all of them are me.

I am Persephone, had she not been taken away by Hades,

I am Aurora, if she had woken up too soon.

I am the part of Belle who remained with the Beast.

I am the mermaid, not Ariel, but the true one,

The one who lost her voice,

The one who turned into sea foam.

I am Cinderella, changeling child ,

I am Diana, goddess of the hunt,

And I am Iphigenia, the virgin sacrifice.

When I got older, I think perhaps that most of all

I would like to be Achilles, not because he was a man

(Although we are in a patriarchal society),

But because he, however strong,

Was still prophesized by silver-footed Thetis

To have twofold fates that will lead to his doom.

I would like to be the part of Achilles,

That had been made impenetrable

In his immersion in the River of Styx,

On the kind of heel that didn’t cause his death.

But then, the wind blew me back to reality,

Whispering that I, am just me, not anyone else.

So now, I just resign myself

With craned neck, parted lips,

And clenched fists–

Waiting for graces to descend

Through the juts of my cheeks

Until they spatter down my neck

And permeated all of my body.

And perhaps, just perhaps,

I could be her and him.

This was the first poem I had written for class when I arrived here in Canada. And this was also my first poem (though I used to write poetry for the school paper) I posted on Facebook. I received an A  for this and this gave me inspiration to write more. 

p.s. I based this poem on another person’s poem and she is an amazing writer. I tried looking for a link of the poem where I based this on but multiply is down already. 😦


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Aww Melanie’s class! Memories :’)

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