A Sweaty Valentine

Posted on: February 15, 2013


My friend Maria and I were going to have our Valentine sushi date today but we cancelled it because we wanted our other friend to be with us. [But nevertheless, the day ended with me being able to spend quality time with my family.]

By the way, this is how my day went:

  • Had my daily dose of IKA. Had breakfast after watching it. Also watched Juan dela Cruz, Paraiso, and May Isang Pangarap. Yes, we have TFC.
  • Talked to my father regarding his angiogram for about an hour. Had to nicely ask him to stop talking about it because it’s breaking my heart.
  • Half-watched Amazons and Gladiators with my father and half-read Catching Fire (which I have to finish soon). Had the longest nap. 12:56- 3something pm.  Woke up and helped my father prepare Valentine’s Day dinner for the family.
  • Decided to do some “treadmill-ing”. Ran 4km for 40 minutes and burned 300something calories. God, I have to run and to burn some more. Summer is just around the corner.
  • Listened to good music while exercising and even belting out the lyrics loudly. Had to stop singing because running made it very hard for me to even breathe (which is exactly why I have to exercise more).

Few minutes later, I realized that all the other songs sing about love. (OH MY GOSH, KILL ME NOW.) They made me think as to why I would spend my afternoon sweating like a pig (though I know I would be one if I stop exercising LOL) instead of dressing up for a date.

Maybe it’s because I just don’t have that special someone.

  • I don’t actually ever get to hang out with men who I see myself cozying up with. The only constant men in my life right now are my father, my brother, and the customers who seem to think they could flirt their way into getting free sweet and sour sauces. With me always spending my days only at work or at home, it’s so hard to even squeeze in some extra time to meet my prospective “the ONEs.”
  • At some point in my life, I met and liked guys (notice that I don’t call them men) but I always end up being the hurt one. I’ve had enough.  Let’s just say that I don’t want to be the bridge, the rebound, the best girl(space)friend, or THE personal assistant<insert inside joke here> anymore.
  • It’s not for the lack of trying (Believe me, I seem to attract pretty odd guys.) but it’s because I know that it isn’t what I want to have at the moment. People may see it as some sort of excuse, but sorry, I just don’t want a boyfriend right now. LOL
  • As much as it pains me to write this, I just have too. I’ve seen worse, way worse, than what other people could imagine. I already saw how women get knocked up, how they unwillingly make omelettes of would-be chickens, and how to be a part of all those. I don’t want to stand in for the immature father and the asshole boyfriend ever again.

With all those reasons, I guess that it’s best to say that I am just being cautious. After all, waiting for the right man is as hard as finding the right man.

After forty minutes, I was done with my perspiration session. My textbooks were right after all.

Exercising indeed makes you think more.


2 Responses to "A Sweaty Valentine"

Well, for some, it comes when you least expect it. It’s when you neither wait (for) nor try to find the one. OHGAWD. HAHAHA.

For some, oo. Pero these days, rarity na yan.

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